Helena Rubinstein built a global beauty empire, following a rigorous work ethic and working with professionals in the field, while being avant-garde and always open to innovation. For her, beauty was the greatest power.

Our Standmasters have also been guided by the ultimate goal of supporting the message of beauty and femininity. The stand is created using materials (such as aluminum and lightweight plywood) that do not make it too bulky and various details that allow all beauty products to be highlighted in the best possible way. 

It is the very process of creating the details (including the hand-painted golden microscope and the LED-illuminated ring elements) that exemplifies the extraordinary commitment of our masters to create something special.

You can view the completed product stand in the gallery below or even better - visit Stockmann Department Store in Tallinn at 53 Liivalaia str.

Additional information and quotes: master[at]standmasters.eu